The Australian Free Speech Coalition is a group of Aussies concerned with ongoing threats to the freedom of speech in Australia.


The Thugs' Veto has become a common strategy to shut down free speech events. To help achieve their political purposes, some extremists now use threatened and actual violence to intimidate event organisers and attendees. Too often, police fail to arrest people who threaten, harass and assault those who are lawfully exercising their freedoms to assemble and to hear political speech. Matters are made worse when the police purport to charge event organisers crippling fees for police assistance in order to protect against these thugs.

When Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux toured Australia in July this year, that's exactly what happened. Thugs threatened, harassed, and even assaulted those attending a lawful assembly. Victoria Police made only a single arrest when a police officer was assaulted. Victoria Police then invoiced the organiser, Axiomatic Events, a whopping $67,842.50. Doing this is exactly what extremist groups like Antifa want. It only gives these groups extra incentive to threaten and use violence against Australians who are doing nothing more than exercising their fundamental freedoms to speech and assembly.

That extremists use threatened and actual violence to censor free speech is terrible. That Victoria Police gives the appearance of enabling and even rewarding such behaviour should concern every Australian.

Victoria Police should not be enabling the Thugs' Veto.

We need your help.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. We are preparing to fight the Daniel Andrews Victorian government and Victoria Police in Court to prevent their dangerous interference in common law rights such as the freedom of peaceful assembly and free speech. We are advised by counsel that a judicial review is likely to remind them of their purpose under the Victoria Police Act (2013).

The role of Victoria Police is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society.

In coming days a fighting fund will be created to raise the necessary money to defend freedom. Other organisations are already changing or cancelling their free speech event plans out of fear of a "$68,000" bill. Setting the example of how to resist such immoral penalties is now not only a matter of public interest, but urgent.

You can help right now by signing our petition telling Premier Daniel Andrews and Minister for Police Lisa Neville that you are concerned about Victoria Police enabling the Thugs' Veto.

Who is behind the Australian Free Speech Coalition?

This website is supported by Australians who believe free speech is a value worth defending. Some of the people involved with this campaign are:

  • Stuart Lindsay - Federal Circuit Court judge (2004-2014)
  • Dr. Augusto Zimmermann - Commissioner, Law Reform Commission of Western Australia (2012-2017)
  • Sen. Amanda Stoker - Federal Senator for Queensland
  • Prof. James Allan - Professor in Law at University of Queensland
  • Tony Thomas - Journalist, Author
  • Tim Andrews - Executive Director of Australian Taxpayers' Alliance
  • Joshua Forrester - Vice-President of Western Australian Legal Theory Association
  • Andrew Cooper - President & Founder of LibertyWorks Inc.
  • Lorraine Finlay - Law Lecturer at Murdoch University
  • Dr John Humphreys - Economics Lecturer, President of Australian Libertarian Society
  • Dr Greg Walsh – Lawyer, Law Lecturer

This campaign is not about standing up for two particular speakers. Our goal remains to set a precedent that protects free speech for people of all views.

Amounts surplus to challenging the enabling of the Thugs' Veto by the Daniel Andrews Victorian government and Victoria Police will be used to combat similar attacks on free speech and lawful assembly.

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