Victoria Police must not enable the #ThugsVeto!

We are very concerned about the possibility of any future attempt by Victoria Police to utilise the power to levy fees, especially targeted at those organised events whose viability may be threatened by:

1. The conduct of groups who publicly proclaim their intention to violently disrupt such events and to threaten and harm and terrify those attending them; and,

2. The decision of the police, in response to such unlawful conduct, to impose crippling financial penalties upon the promoters of such events merely because they have called upon the police to perform responsibilities which constitute the ordinary discharge of a core police responsibility.

The victims of politically motivated violence and intimidation at public events are fully entitled to proper police protection. It is deeply troubling that Victoria Police gives the appearance of enabling unlawful conduct by failing to enforce the law on some occasions and, on others, charging fees on the victims.

Victoria Police will see their reputation restored as they return to a commitment to the core responsibilities of upholding the law and protecting the orderly exercise of free expression and free assembly.

Premier Daniel Andrews, Police Minister Lisa Neville,

Cancel and apologise for past invoices issued to those who have broken no laws and cooperated fully with Victoria Police. Publicly announce a policy to instead target only those individuals or groups protesting without permits, trespassing on and/or wilfully damaging private property, inciting violence, or harassing and intimidating law abiding citizens in the myriad ways that they do.

Return Victoria Police to performing its legislated purpose of serving the Victorian community and upholding the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society. Immediately direct your Chief Commissioner of Police to stop imposing fees on the victims of lawless behaviour which, in effect, enables and rewards thugs for using threatened and actual violence.

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Brian Buckley Clare
Carol Hansen
Graham Wheatley
John Postle
Neil Walker
Don Lomas
Gregory Sermon
Rose Dickson
Ian jones
Peter Donald Mullins
Michael Christie
Marion Harris
Aaron McHugh
Robert Campbell
Judith Coldwell
Glenn Cameron
Stephanie Mander
Melinda Rau-Wig
Annette Dillon
Steven Brecht
Simon Koenders
Benjamin Mejia
Sarina Skiba
Ollie Groth
Edward Russell
Tracey Hilton
Les Wright
Peter Trott
Daryl Smithwick
kevin stiller
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  • Brian Buckley Clare
  • Carol Hansen
    people are afraid to speak their thoughts on any subject no one wants to be singled out and abused we have lost our freedom here and many other countries who said communism is dead
  • Graham Wheatley
  • John Postle
    You’ve got it all wrong Daniel Andrews.

    Stop protecting these opponents of democracy. They wouldn’t be allowed to come into the Victorian Parliament and shout down and terrorise you and your colleagues. So why are they allowed to do the same to Australian citizens wanting to hear another opinion?

    To then charge the victims a huge amount for noneffective police protection defies all logic and decency. Totally un-Australian!
  • Neil Walker
  • Don Lomas
  • Gregory Sermon
    Gregory Sermon
  • Rose Dickson
  • Ian jones
  • Peter Donald Mullins
  • Michael Christie
  • Marion Harris
    Police to wear riot protective wear, use tear gas and rubber bullets on thugs who violently oppress free speech and intimidate the law abiding public. Bad behaviour should be punished.
  • Aaron McHugh
  • Robert Campbell
    This is undemocratic & an attack on peoples freedoms to debate & make informed decisions on any subject, the Government & authorities are supposed to represent & protect all citizens, not take sides/be biased by protecting the perpetrators or certain groups & charging a fee for protecting citizens which is what the police already get payed for via the citizens paying their taxes
  • Judith Coldwell
  • Glenn Cameron
    Good luck Bernard you deserve this for the hardships you and your family have had to endure. I take my hat off to you and thank you for what you are doing.
  • Stephanie Mander
  • Melinda Rau-Wig
    Melinda Rau-Wig
  • Annette Dillon
  • Steven Brecht
  • Simon Koenders
    If Victoria police and the minister want payment for idiots protesting a civil discussion then they should get it from the idiots that caused the police to attend in the first place and not request it from the organisers – this sets a precedent with the intentions of the state government to stifle free speech or anything that they don’t agree with – I don’t see them billing left wing organisers for their events so why is it so one sided? anyone causing trouble at these events from both sides should be arrested and fined to reimburse the state for the costs
  • Benjamin Mejia
  • Sarina Skiba
  • Ollie Groth
    This country is being ruined by to many bigmouthed idiot minorities if these morons don’t like Australia the way it is they seriously need to get lost like that bigmouth sewernease idiot who supposedly went to London , it’s time governments of all persuasions put these cretins back in their box .
  • Edward Russell
    I stand by the cause of this petition.
  • Tracey Hilton
    Tugs that disrupt events should be made to pay for the damage.
  • Les Wright
  • Peter Trott
  • Daryl Smithwick
  • kevin stiller