Victoria Police must not enable the #ThugsVeto!

We are very concerned about the possibility of any future attempt by Victoria Police to utilise the power to levy fees, especially targeted at those organised events whose viability may be threatened by:

1. The conduct of groups who publicly proclaim their intention to violently disrupt such events and to threaten and harm and terrify those attending them; and,

2. The decision of the police, in response to such unlawful conduct, to impose crippling financial penalties upon the promoters of such events merely because they have called upon the police to perform responsibilities which constitute the ordinary discharge of a core police responsibility.

The victims of politically motivated violence and intimidation at public events are fully entitled to proper police protection. It is deeply troubling that Victoria Police gives the appearance of enabling unlawful conduct by failing to enforce the law on some occasions and, on others, charging fees on the victims.

Victoria Police will see their reputation restored as they return to a commitment to the core responsibilities of upholding the law and protecting the orderly exercise of free expression and free assembly.

Premier Daniel Andrews, Police Minister Lisa Neville,

Cancel and apologise for past invoices issued to those who have broken no laws and cooperated fully with Victoria Police. Publicly announce a policy to instead target only those individuals or groups protesting without permits, trespassing on and/or wilfully damaging private property, inciting violence, or harassing and intimidating law abiding citizens in the myriad ways that they do.

Return Victoria Police to performing its legislated purpose of serving the Victorian community and upholding the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society. Immediately direct your Chief Commissioner of Police to stop imposing fees on the victims of lawless behaviour which, in effect, enables and rewards thugs for using threatened and actual violence.

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Robyn Hefferan
Lisa Ford
howard Smith
Gwen Menzies
Ben Wu
Barry Read
Ray Massavelli
Merryl Williams
Keith Styles
Ron Giveen
Bill Van Wel
Laureen Hearne
Karen Maloney
John Rayner
Trevor Adams
Peter Davey
Robert Bourke
Rae Cross
Charles Simonds
Shirlene May
Anthony M Dunn
Mike Bailey
Joan Davidson
patrick casanova
Gaetano Misuraca
Brian Buckley Clare
Carol Hansen
Graham Wheatley
John Postle
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  • Robyn Hefferan
  • Lisa Ford
  • howard Smith
    It’s not justice to charge the cost of preventing anarchic behaviour by violent people, IE Antifa, to citizens doing lawful things in a peaceable manner. All this does is suppress free speech, it certainly doesn’t prevent such lawless behaviour, it only encourages more of the same.
  • Gwen Menzies
  • Ben Wu
  • Barry Read
  • Ray Massavelli
  • Merryl Williams
  • Keith Styles
    Keith Styles
  • Ron Giveen
  • Bill Van Wel
  • Laureen Hearne
  • Karen Maloney
  • John Rayner
    I could not believe it when I read that the lawless disrupters of free speech walked off scot free when those who were exercising their right to make the public aware of their objections to various issues, were themselves served with the cost of police protection from those anarchists hell bent on making as much disruption and damage as could be made in a public place.
  • Trevor Adams
    The Vic copper’s hierarchy is an absolute joke. It appears to me that they follow the idiot left government’s directives to the socialist letter.
  • Peter Davey
    It distresses me that our country has come to a place that this even needs to be considered.
  • Robert Bourke
    How can any police force charge the victims for protection against the perpetrators? This is insane.
  • Rae Cross
    It seems that the cries of racism, sexism and homophobia drown out the voices of those who are merely expressing a personal opinion and not indulging in discrimination.
  • Charles Simonds
  • Shirlene May
  • Anthony M Dunn
    Whatever happened to freedom of speech? And since when were the police employed to facilitate intimidation by mobs?
  • Mike Bailey
  • Joan Davidson
    I am appalled at the treatment given to those whose only desire is to be able to speak freely and peacefully.
  • patrick casanova
  • Gaetano Misuraca
  • Brian Buckley Clare
    Sign the petition: Victoria Police must not enable the #ThugsVeto!
  • Brian Buckley Clare
  • Carol Hansen
    people are afraid to speak their thoughts on any subject no one wants to be singled out and abused we have lost our freedom here and many other countries who said communism is dead
  • Graham Wheatley
  • John Postle
    You’ve got it all wrong Daniel Andrews.

    Stop protecting these opponents of democracy. They wouldn’t be allowed to come into the Victorian Parliament and shout down and terrorise you and your colleagues. So why are they allowed to do the same to Australian citizens wanting to hear another opinion?

    To then charge the victims a huge amount for noneffective police protection defies all logic and decency. Totally un-Australian!