Victoria Police must not enable the #ThugsVeto!

We are very concerned about the possibility of any future attempt by Victoria Police to utilise the power to levy fees, especially targeted at those organised events whose viability may be threatened by:

1. The conduct of groups who publicly proclaim their intention to violently disrupt such events and to threaten and harm and terrify those attending them; and,

2. The decision of the police, in response to such unlawful conduct, to impose crippling financial penalties upon the promoters of such events merely because they have called upon the police to perform responsibilities which constitute the ordinary discharge of a core police responsibility.

The victims of politically motivated violence and intimidation at public events are fully entitled to proper police protection. It is deeply troubling that Victoria Police gives the appearance of enabling unlawful conduct by failing to enforce the law on some occasions and, on others, charging fees on the victims.

Victoria Police will see their reputation restored as they return to a commitment to the core responsibilities of upholding the law and protecting the orderly exercise of free expression and free assembly.

Premier Daniel Andrews, Police Minister Lisa Neville,

Cancel and apologise for past invoices issued to those who have broken no laws and cooperated fully with Victoria Police. Publicly announce a policy to instead target only those individuals or groups protesting without permits, trespassing on and/or wilfully damaging private property, inciting violence, or harassing and intimidating law abiding citizens in the myriad ways that they do.

Return Victoria Police to performing its legislated purpose of serving the Victorian community and upholding the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society. Immediately direct your Chief Commissioner of Police to stop imposing fees on the victims of lawless behaviour which, in effect, enables and rewards thugs for using threatened and actual violence.

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Phil Jones
David Cox
Vicki McConnell
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Phil Ward
Eric Sanders
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Michelle Cole
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Zdenka Novak
Denis Rheinberger
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Rosie Pryor
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  • Phil Jones
  • David Cox
  • Vicki McConnell
  • Niels Jensen
  • Yvonne Nash
  • Phil Ward
  • Eric Sanders
  • Peter Williamson
  • Kathleen O'Brien
  • Michelle Cole
  • Jay Robertson
  • Zdenka Novak
    Free speech must be protected not billed! In a civil society we use words/speech/language to ‘fight our battles’. When free speech is taken away, it gets replaced by fists, knives and guns. Dangerous!

    The Constitution of Australia should be amended to include explicitly the right to freedom of speech like Americans have in the 1st Amendment of their US Constitution.
  • Denis Rheinberger
  • Roger Moss
  • Mazza Berry
    Wake up fellow Australians. I direct you to the action of the Victorian State Government by erecting signs on certain Victorian beaches advising beach goers what they are requested to do out of respect of beach goes of the Islamic faith! The sign and advisory comments is a to “celebrate diversity on Melbourne’s inclusive beaches; a joint initiative by the City of Greater Melbourne and the Supreme Islamic Council of Victoria”.

    Free speech, there are also many many other aspects of Australian lifestyle and culture that are under threat. I do not have a direct link to the above, but have not doubt that a Google search will confirm the above.
  • Rosie Pryor
  • Bronwyn Gallagher
    Bronwyn Gallagher
  • Helen Steer
  • Robert Hutchinson
  • Patricia Andrews
  • Sandra Skinner
    It is grossly unfair that speakers are charged for police protection, just because thugs like Antifa target them. Fine Antifa, not the soft targets who are doing nothing wrong. Antifa is trying to stifle free speech in Australia.
  • Robin Henry
    Charging the lawfully assembled speakers instead of the rabble who are there to disrupt them is unfair and unacceptable.
  • John Elliott
    Free speech must be allowed. We must have the right to call out Muslims as Evil Cockroaches. Facebook says that’s hate speech, I say that’s just the truth !!!
  • Paul Rackemann
  • Brenda McDougall
  • Richard Hallin
    Surely some sort of joke! a person goes somewhere and organizes a legal, peaceful protest, then a bunch of ratbags comes along and causes chaos because you have a different point of view from theirs, and the government wants to charge YOU for their actions. Any costs that can, or should be recovered, should be awarded against the party who caused it, this might make them think twice before trying to deny the right of free speech to all.
  • Tony Yates
  • Sam Davidson
    Police have a very specific job. It’s illegal for the police to be biased toward any political group.
  • John McKenzie
  • Diane Cant
    Target the bullying culprits not charge an organised event!

    If they had restored order from day one the police would not have this situation to deal with. They would understand it to be unlawful behaviour.