Independent Media Award

The Australian Free Speech Coalition's mission is to defend and promote free speech in Australia. A vital part of a vibrantly healthy democracy is a free and independent media. The AFSC is delighted to offer this award acknowledging the independent voices which more Australians are listening to as serious alternatives to what can often be the echo chambers of mainstream media.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following independent media personalities or organisations who have been the most nominated for the Australian Free Speech Coalition's 2018 Independent Media Award. In random order:

  1. Michael Smith
  2. Bernard Gaynor
  3. Gary Orsum
  4. The Unshackled
  5. Mark Latham
  6. Bill Muehlenberg

Each person only gets one vote. The winner will be announced at the Gala Dinner of the LibertyFest conference in Brisbane this month and online afterwards. Get your tickets now!

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