Leftist dons pudding a generation of students - Augusto Zimmermann

Robert French is a former High Court chief justice and is chancellor at the University of Western Australia. In a recent speech he warned universities faced the risk of legislative intervention unless they provide a robust defence of free speech on campus. He also said the actions of university executives might be subject to the implied constitutional freedom of political communication.

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Free speech is Scott Morrison’s chance to lead like Menzies

Now that we have a Liberal leadership that tends more towards the conservative-liberal tradition of Sir Robert Menzies, can we expect the protections of freedom of speech that were promised during the same-sex marriage debate?

If Scott Morrison has any hope of rebuilding the support base of the Liberal Party then he needs to recover Menzies’ liberal-conservative approach. The Prime Minister would do well to honour the deeply conservative instincts of many voters and the historic party membership base by opposing the increasingly authoritarian political correctness characterising so much of the Left. A good place to begin is freedom of speech.

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Axiomatic Events Refuses to Pay Invoice for Police at Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux Tour Riots


Axiomatic Events director, Dave Pellowe, has sent Victoria Police a letter explaining why he is refusing to pay the invoice for $67,842.50 they sent Axiomatic for police services outside the Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux Live event in Melbourne on 20 July.

The letter from Axiomatic's solicitor highlights concerns that, despite the skill and bravery of police on the ground in dealing with the violent behaviour of extremist individuals and organisations like Antifa, the government appears to blame the victim. Such a penalty gives the appearance of enabling the Thugs' Veto, adding to the injuries extremists can inflict by inciting such protests.

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